Upcoming Projects

                                                  North City, Phase 2 – 9 acres. 
                                                   Located on Hennur Road

After the successful development and promotion of Phase 1, Phase 2 is now under development and in a few months time it’ll be up for sales. The First Phase was sold out within 2 months, so once the Second Phase is ready it won’t be in the market for long, to buy. So, keep in touch with us for further updates.

                                                 SD North Woods – 20 acres. 
                                                 Located next to K.I.A.D.B

Whatever you need to know about KIADB and North Bangalore, everything’s available in our FAQs section. And even if you take a look at our previous and current projects you’ll get an idea about what North Woods is going to be all about, as all our projects are in the northern part of Bangalore and quite close to KIADB as well.

                                                 SD Meadows – 15 acres. Behind 
                                                 Starrag India Pvt. Ltd. & Wipro

This is again a project close to our other North Bangalore projects. The only difference is that a couple of companies that are walking distance from this project like Wipro, and Starrag India Pvt. Ltd., have already opened their offices and the operations have begun. So owning a plot that’ll come up on this land should be an easy decision for you to make.

                                                 Nandi Hills – 30 acres. Villas

Nandi Hills as you know is just the place you’d like to live your life at. Serene, secluded and yet close to Bangalore. It used to be a popular picnic spot for Bangaloreans not so long ago, now imagine being able to live at this beautiful, nature rich destination, in your own private villa. Wonderful isn’t it? This amazing life is on its way

                                              SD Elite – 15 acres. Located Opp.
                                              to Financial City & IT Park

Yet another prime property at a prime location is all ready to get underway. A few more months and you can see the development that is taking place in this 15 acre land. And just like the name Elite, you can expect some excellent investment opportunity at this upcoming project.

                                           Farmland – 15 acres. Located Opp.
                                           to Financial City & IT Park

This project is just behind our Ongoing Residency project. This 15 acre land offers you an opportunity to start your own plantation or set up a new one. Imagine owning a farmland in the midst of the future Bangalore. You can pay a visit to this land, shortly and then decide what you want to cultivate or house here.

                                          Nandi Farms – 40 acres. Club, 
                                         Resort and Farmlands

This area will give birth to a whole lot of activities. Right from farmhouses to plantations to clubs and resorts, everything in one place. These 40 acres on the foothills of Nandi Hills have beauty and scenery inbuilt in them. You can experience this beautiful land for yourself in a very short time. Please keep in touch with us till then and we’ll keep you updated.

                                         Chikkaballapur – 15 acres. 

Before DC OfficeSri Durga is expanding its wing span. These plots which spread over 15 acres offer the best of affordable plots you can ask for. Hardly 15 kms from the International Airport and quite close to Nandi Hills, this project comes just before DC Office. When a project is so close to the airport it makes sense to invest in it right away. Because it’ll benefit you right away as wel

North City, Phase 2 – 9 acres. 
Located on Hennur Road

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